More than 15 years of experience

Webhelp El Pinillo (Formerly Infonordic) was founded in 2002; we started up as the first Danish speaking telemarketing company on Costa del Sol. Since then Infonordic has grown to an international company and today we have nearly 100 employees. We have two offices in Torremolinos-Malaga providing booking meetings, sales, interview and lead generation. Our employees represent well-known European brands, our teams work on more than 10 different languages and we conduct more than 3,000,000 calls a year.


In 2015 we became a part of Runway Group, who also provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Runway consists of more than 1000 employees and have offices in 6 countries around Europe. Runway focus on interview and customer service, while we focus on sales. Together we are a formidable team, that offer outsourcing services which are tailored to the customers’ demands. Read more about Runway


A part of Webhelp Group

2018 was another milestone in our history. The acquisition of Runway Group was completed and we became a part of Webhelp Group. Webhelp is a global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO), specialized in customer experience. Webhelp has offices in more than 30 countries and has approximately 50,000 employees.


This acquisition is part of Webhelp’s strategy to actively pursue geographical expansion as well as reinforce its sectorial expertise and will allow Webhelp to offer its clients services from four new countries, each with strong multilingual capabilities. Read more at Webhelp’s website.


You can find us on social media platforms as Webhelp Spain.


Job in Spain

We are based in Southern Spain and we are a Spanish company with Nordic roots. As an employee you will have a Spanish contract, which gives you access to Seguridad Social, unemployment benefits and pension.


It can seem as a big step to move abroad and therefore we help our employees in the best possible way regarding registration in the Spanish system. We assist with employees on how to find an apartment and help out with practical questions


Our employees are the main reason why Webhelp El Pinillo is an unique and successful work place. They have created a fantastic corporate culture, where there is always room for supporting and helping each other. And make a difference for our customer every day.