Quality is the key word in our work

At Infonordic we have dedicated ourselves to quality processes through training, monitoring and quality control. Infonordic is a member of the international organization ESOMAR and follow their code and guidelines for market research.

• We have implemented the ICC International Code of Marketing and Social Research
Practice – at least 10% of all interviews are monitored by native speakers’ executives.
(IQCS standard specifies that only 5% of output should be monitored).
• We follow the standards of CASRO, ESOMAR and MRS and also the global
consumer protection laws.
• We work with an intensive training program with our interviewers.
• Project-related training, the interviewer will be equipped with an interviewer’s manual.
• Interview documentation: continuous monitoring and training of the interviewer.
• Web testing, pre-tests and tests for data transmission.
• Progress reports and performance reports.
• Exploitation of the subjects (redial).
• Ongoing review and monitoring of conversations and introductions.
• Digital recording of the interviewer.
• Online monitoring.

Infonordic is certified according to EU data Act 95/46/EC

Infonordic is certified by an outside consulting firm specializing in data act under EU data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.
To become certified, Infonordic made special tightened procedures to ensure data security and have educated all staff members with overall responsibility for data processing.

UN Global Compact