7 good reasons to use our service
  1. Saves at least 30% by getting an assignment done by us in Spain
  2. Get the services of mature employees (average age in January 2015 was 32 years old)
  3. Avoid handling of personal problems on absenteeism, recruitment and dismissal
  4. Avoiding the “who said what?” problem, where we store all data calls
  5. Get results daily or on weekly basis (depending on contract) online or by email
  6. Under EU rules we invoice our services VAT-free
  7. Be safe with a supplier who meets the requirements of data inspection, has automated calling system to streamline campaigns,  a certified Microsoft partner, a member of ESOMAR and have all employees on a fixed salary with health insurance
7 areas of expertise, we are experts in
  1. Customer satisfaction and market research
  2. Data collection via telephone (e.g., acceptance of e-mail) etc.
  3. Booking of meetings for external representatives
  4. Promotions in connection with telemarketing
  5. Recruitment of respondents to opinion-customer panels
  6. Database Cleanup
  7. Telesales
Our prices are the best
  • Get a quote depending on what assignment you require.